Business Agility Solutions is a management consulting firm that uses business processes to insure effective revenue focused professional development strategies. Committed to delivering innovation, Business Agility Solutions collaborates with its clients to deliver high-performance results through business process expertise. We have the right people, the right skills and the latest technologies to assist clients in improving their competitive performance.


The Competitive Intelligence Business Development Process results in “actionable information” delivered to the desktop to maximize time for analysis, recommendations and decision-making.  Business Agility Solutions has created a competitive business intelligence process that helps eliminate unsubstantiated business decision making. This process identifies, gathers competitive information much faster than traditional information gathering processes and technologies.  Business Agility Solutions can provide the right business processes, the right people, the right business skills and the latest information gathering and analyzing technologies to give a company the competitive business information edge needed in today’s business environment.  The Business Agility Solutions CI business process surfaces and analyzes information from the structured world of company proprietary enterprise databases and documents, industry databases, unstructured external business news and information, business subscriptions, company email, web pages, syndicated news, purchased research, desktop information and any other information that is electronically reachable.  Business Agility Solutions uses various tools to surface and present CI information. An example is the “Competitive Intelligence Gathering Tool.” This tool is used to design and implement a CI information delivery strategy that delivers critical business information to the right people at the right time.

The result is “actionable information” delivered to the desktop fast enough to maximize the time for analysis, reflection and confident effective recommendations and decision-making.