New! Business Agility™ Online SalesBoost™

Business Agility™ Online SalesBoost™ brings to you the Latest Industry-“Cloud Technology” On-Demand

Business Agility™ Online SalesBoost™ is specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of small and midsize businesses. From business automation and integration, to customer relationship management, and instant live collaboration, Business Agility™ online organizational SalesBoost™ bring to you the latest industry leading lead generation technology On-Demand.  We provide you with industry specific functionality at cost effective prices.   Business Agility™ SalesBoost™ world-class infrastructure can be seamlessly integrated with your organizationalforce automation business process. With just minimum customization you can make the entire application specific to your business needs.   Business Agility™ world-class solution is completely web based and is delivered to your computers via the Internet. You can access our suite of feature-rich tools anywhere anytime and instantly share information and resources in real-time.  Here’s what you will receive:

  • A personal online SalesBoost™ application with secure login
  • Over 200 leads per month populated into your SalesBoost™ application tailored to the vertical of your choice or from various verticals
  • A current list generated monthly of (minimum ten) qualified information technology RFQ/RFPs from national, state, local, and private sector companies
  • Monthly newsletter to our 15,000 plus IT customer base presenting your recent events.
  • Weekly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn presentations of company service offerings and updates.

With Business Agility™ SalesBoost Online ™ you will securely track every aspect of your customer interaction.  Find how easy it is to keep your customers satisfied!  Implementing Business Agility™ SalesBoost™ enables you to capture and store customer information in a secure manner. You can track calls, login in issues, analyze preferences and instantly resolve customer problems. Also, you can offer one-to-one specific personalized services as per individual customer requirements.  Automate Routine Tasks and Manage More Sales Opportunities than Ever Before.  Managing organizational and marketing operations couldn’t be simpler!  You can streamline organizational and marketing functions, track leads, draft successful promotion strategies automate administration tasks, generate accurate reports, and much more, with Business Agility™ online SalesBoost™. Office Interactive SalesBoost™ solution easily integrates and automates every aspect of your business making it easy for you to manage entire organizational effort from anywhere without time or distance confines.  

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