Business Agility SalesTeam™

Business Agility SalesTeam™ can provide you with a dedicated organizationalperson or organizational team with our powerful organizational resources, contacts and our proven track record for successful high volume organizational activity. Many companies have found it cost effective to outsource their organizational effort to Business Agility SalesTeam™ finding a 30 to 50 percent increase in new revenue. Companies have wasted millions of dollars on technology organizationalmen and account executives that have not performed according to their supposed capability. It is important that companies have proven professional development personnel and initiatives that will drive new revenue into the pipeline.

• Are you still on the phone cold calling into new customers?
• Are you still arranging your own appointments?
• Are you still relying on current customer base?
• When was the last time you landed a new account?

If you couldn’t answer positively to these questions then Business Agility SalesTeam™ is for you! Let our professional development and telemarketing teams drive new business to your doorstep!

Contact us at: info@agility-biz.comi

Here’s what you will receive:

• 1 Dedicated Virtual Business Agility SalesTeam™ Representative
• A personal online SalesBoost™ application with secure login
• Over 200 qualified leads per month populated into your SalesBoost™ application tailored to the vertical of your choice or from various verticals
• RFP’s from State and Local governments in your core competency
• Monthly email newsletter to our Business Agility SalesTeam™ 5,000 plus IT customer base presenting your company offerings.
• Pre-qualified organizational appointments (Optional)
• 1 Email Newsletter per month. (Optional)

What are you waiting for? Contact us now for a consultation at