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Starting with ECM and BPM software

An ECM solution can enable a business to add dynamic controls for automating and managing every-day, vital business processes. For example, an ECM system can automatically fill in forms, and route in-progress content to the right team members. The system can monitor due dates and send out email notifications or post calendar reminders at each step in a business process. Managers can track team member progress on assigned tasks, and they can also set alerts in order to be notified when a task has been completed or when content of interest has been modified. A best-in-class ECM system makes it easy to set up and customize these types of automated capabilities to fit the needs of each group, department and the overall business.

Compared to highly manual business processes, ECM-based workflows bring many efficiency improvements to a broad range of business processes. Since employees can work in parallel without any confusion about content versions, previous bottlenecks can be significantly eased or eliminated. The
system maintains consistency and quality in the related documentation, from start to finish of the process, and can also help employees avoid mistakes such as skipped steps.

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