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Welcome to the Business Agility CRM & Enterprise Management

When you subscribe to the Business Agility Competitive Intelligence Resources "The Tool Box" environment you are met with a wide variety of performance tools to increase your company revenue. Advanced CRM & Organization Management Toolbox for professional businesses.

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Business Agility CRM & Project Management Toolbox Features You Will Love

Business Agility Solutions is a management consulting firm that uses business processes to insure effective revenue focused professional development strategies. Committed to delivering innovation, Business Agility Solutions collaborates with its clients to deliver high-performance results through business process expertise. We have the right people, the right skills and the latest technologies to assist clients in improving their competitive performance. The signature features which are making Business Agility stand out of the crowd and using cutting edge technology and features is our new "Business Agility Project Management CRM"

Company Processes

Manage your colleagues information, create new estimates and invoices and download them as PDF. Everything on one place.

Easy Invoicing

Create brand new invoices or convert completed projects with tasks into invoice in one click.

CRM Management

Use powerful CRM functionality and collect all contact information and let your network grow by scheduling meetings in company.

Expenses Tracking

Easily log all company expenses on one place and see statistics how your business is doing.

Projects Development

Company has own projects. In Business Agility CRM you can create new project, assign tasks, resources and track progress.

Scheduling Meetings

Schedule new meetings to colleagues with your clients and follow on dashboard all upcoming events.

Boost your business and share important contact & Project Management information between your colleagues.

All business contacts on one place. Never miss any meeting or loose company's contact.


An Exceptional Business CRM Tool

In Business Agility you can manage all standard company workflows like collecting contacts, scheduling meeting, managing projects and so on.

Business Agility Project Management CRM Best Features

  • TouchpointsNever miss a meeting
  • PeopleCollect contacts
  • TasksAssign to colleagues
  • InvoicesEasily create and export
  • ExpensesTrack your expenses
  • EstimatesFor potential clients
  • ProjectsArrange your work
  • CompaniesManage your partners

Because CRM Quality Matters

Everybody knows that design is important but for long term business you need to have reliable, flexible and stable customer relationship management system.

  • 01

    Business Agility Actions & Filters

    Building new features upon an trusted technology.

  • 02


    New way to mark actions & filters functions.

  • 03

    Advanced Documentation

    All important projects parts are well documented.

  • 04

    Class Autoloaded

    Don't mess with includes and let the system load the classes.

  • 05

    OOP Architecture

    We are using OOP principles for CRM development.

  • 06

    The Business Agility Promise

    The Business Agility CRM surpasses industry standards.

  • 07

    24/7 Support

    Important part for reliable and consistent up times.

  • 08

    CMB2 Fields

    Beautiful library for creating new fields.

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