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Starting with ECM and BPM software

An ECM solution can enable a business to add dynamic controls for automating and managing every-day, vital business processes. For example, an ECM system can automatically fill in forms, and route in-progress content to the right team members. The system can monitor due dates and send out email notifications or… Read more

What are the best tips for use of excel documents?

Quickly add up data Quickly add up an entire column or row of data by clicking in the first empty adjacent cell and pressing ALT+= (that’s the equals key). Excel will then automatically sum all of the numbers it can find in that row or column. Display formulas If you… Read more

Security management in intranet applications

The introduction of the .NET platform by Microsoft and the growing popularity of Internet-based systems have caused major security concerns for system developers. Appropriate information security techniques must be used by system administrators to reduce the risk of information disasters. The purpose of this research paper is to examine possible… Read more

How to process a client’s big data

In a proof of concept (PoC) applying natural language processing and statistical modeling to PC client event logs and IT Help Desk incident reports, Intel IT predicted 20 percent of the incidents that occurred in the following 28 days. Our new ability to proactively, rather than reactively, identify and solve… Read more

Status of open source ERP tools

ERP systems have received much attention in the recent years. ERPs are often defined as standardized packaged software designed to integrate an organization’s entire value chain argue that ERPs aim to integrate business processes and ICT into a synchronized suite of procedures, applications and metrics which goes over firms’ boundaries…. Read more

Crafting strong user experience in CRM systems

It happens all the time — organizational and professional development departments find their CRM too difficult or too time consuming to use, which prompts a decision to switch CRM systems. Once the change is made, management still finds low adoption and reluctance from their teams. Why is this? It’s because… Read more

Productivity tips for busy managers

Manage your mood The first tip is to manage your mood. If you wake up and dive right in to phone calls, e-mails and other fires to put out — you spend the whole day reacting. Ferriss points out that you’re not in the driver’s seat working on your priorities,… Read more

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